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Cold Snap Outdoors

Eskimo Auger Cover

Eskimo Auger Cover

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The Patented Cold Snap Blade Protector installs in a "Snap" safely protecting your auger for transport in less than 3 seconds! There's no need to remove your gloves to attach your blade cover to your ice auger! Protects you and your blades. To Remove your Snap Cap, simply hold the auger upright with the weight down on the cover, and open with your foot. Lift out and you're done. Tested tough. Resistant to snow and ice build-up.

Eskimo cover available in 8" and 10". Lifetime guaranteed. Please specify which size of the Eskimo that you need from the dropdown menu below.

*10" Eskimo now comes in red!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Do not like I would recommend just using the one that came with it

lucas goulette
It’s ok.

Pretty hard to get on. And off. Especially if it’s cold. I’d stick to the stock Eskimo cover.

Chunou Xiong
Doesn't work.

Bought the eskimo pistol bit 8" cover and it doesn't work as intended. Cover doesn't hold in place and it is not easy to pop on. Bought it for the ease and pop on function, but my experience is you have to be precise, but even then you may need to manually adjust to correctly get cover on. Going back to original cover.

Glenn Wagner
Awesome Product

When I’m running and gunning with my one map flip over, I used to lay my auger across the shelter when I was moving from spot to spot. It’s a great method if you want to rip a hole in your shelter with your auger blades exposed. With this auger cover I just kick it on and off when I am on the move. It doesn’t take two seconds and it works great even when it gets wet and ice forms on it. I kicked it on and off at least 50 times in a day and no problems. There’s another thing I like about this auger. At the end of the day when I hang the auger in my garage, water just drains out the bottom through the split where the hinge is located. My old auger covers just retain water and then the auger blades start to rust. I like that fact it’s a bright green color. It’s easy to see at night when it’s in the bottom of your sled. All around it’s a well designed product that works. I can’t believe auger manufacturers don’t sell new augers without one!

Hutson Giannunzio
Makes things faster

Definitely makes putting on a cover and takin it off a lot easier and faster!