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3960 Plow Gen II Mount

3960 Plow Gen II Mount

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The Gen. II Plow System is designed for those who want quick connect/disconnect of the plow system. This system mounts to the front of your ATV frame with a model specific mount which connects machine to push tube & blade. Altogether, this system has three major components; the Gen. II front mount, Gen. II push tubes with swivel & any Eagle Plow Blade. The blade in this system can only be lifted using a winch.

The Gen. II Plow System is manufactured in Minnesota, USA, & each piece of the system is powder-coated in Jet Black for a long-lasting finish. 

Model Specific ATV Front Mount:

  • Quick-Latch pins offer instant engaging & disengaging
  • Some mounts recommended to be removed in off-season to maintain ground clearance
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