Unveiling the Cold Snap Journey...

At Cold Snap, our story began with a single idea that emerged during a frigid South Dakota drive in mid-December 2002, as the frozen landscapes stretched before us. What followed was a year and a half of unwavering dedication, fueled by exhaustive research and innovative design.
The birth of the Cold Snap Cover marked a milestone in our journey. Collaborating closely with esteemed partners such as the South Dakota Enterprise Institute, The Great Plains Rapid Prototyping Consortium, and Falcon Plastics, we turned that initial spark into a revolutionary reality.

Our breakthrough, the Cold Snap Blade Protector, garnered attention and acclaim. It proudly graced the pages of the 2005 In-Fisherman Ice Guide, as well as the February 2005 editions of Walleye Insider, Badger Sportsmen, and Dakota Country Magazines. From local lakes to national recognition, Cold Snap made its mark.

Today, you'll find Cold Snap in the aisles of your trusted sporting goods retailers and conveniently here on our website. Our covers are tailored to embrace a wide array of popular ice auger models, including Strikemaster, Jiffy, ION, NilsUSA, Clam, and Ardisam.

Behind the scenes of our innovative products stand Mark and Dan Houg, dedicated ice fishing enthusiasts and the inventors of Cold Snap. Our journey is one of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to enhancing the ice fishing experience. Welcome to Cold Snap – where innovation meets icy waters, and where our story continues to unfold with each successful cast and every unforgettable adventure on the frozen expanse.