Rod Woten

Rod Woten

Whether it's chasing boss gobblers in the spring, trolling for walleyes in the summer or blackpowder hunting for deer and fly fishing for Northeast Iowa trout in the fall, Rod Woten is truly an all-season Iowa Sportsman. Rod's true passion, however, is to spend as much time as possible on frozen lakes across the ice belt. Luckily, as a pro-staffer for Bass Pro Shops, Vexilar, StrikeMaster, Reel Weeds and a Powerstick with the Ice Team organization, he gets plenty of time to do just that. When Rod is not on the ice, he's busy educating the public about stewardship of our resources and the modern method of ice fishing and authoring articles.

February 2009 – Appearance on TV series “Ice Men” – The Sportsman Channel
December 2009 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Ice Age Plastics” (author)
January 2010 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Hardwater Habits” (author)
January 2010 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Iowa’s Icy Ten” (author)
January 2010 – Clam Corp. Website – “Iowa’s Great Lakes” (author)
February 2010 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Iowa Boys Hit The Big Time” (author)
October 2010 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Metallic Cartridge Reloading” (author)
November 2010 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Finding the Right Balance” (author)
November 2010 – Northeast Ice Fishing Magazine – “Ice Age Plastics” (author)
November 2010 – Northeast Ice Fishing Magazine – “When the Going Gets Tough…” (author & photos)
December 2010 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Get Glowing” (author)
January 2011 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Spoon Fed Panfish” (author)
February 2011 – The Iowa Sportsman – “Flaaaaaaaag!!!” (author)



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